Free plans and pictures of PVC pipe projects. Geodesic Greenhouse, electric (or pedal) car, bunk bed, bike rack ( bicycle work stand ), furniture, cargo rack, PVC projector screen & four poster bed. Some free plans and others plans for sale.
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Plans for a bicycle

work stand in PDF

format from:

Recumbent BikeRiders
1306 South Atherton Street
State College, PA 16801


See plans by Tom Cockcroft


PVC framed School bus by Susan Johnson. More info.



Free bunkbed plans click here
Mark Rehorst


PVC framed Giraffe by Susan Johnson. More info.


Plans for sale at
American Speedster



Kayak Cart. See plans and pics.


PVC Pirate ship: Creat Your Own Pirate Ship book for sale.


PVC Bike Workstand: This bicycle work stand attaches to the seat.




Free plans for a $25 rear projection screen from Christopher Vandyke


  Bedroom furnature plans from


Free PDF table plans from



Play House. See more pictures and free plans.


PVC Christmas Tree plans & pictures. By Darryl Brown


Motorcycle gear valet. See more pictures and free plans.


PVC Photography Light Reflector  

PVC Fence with Planters plans & pictures. By Gary Keller

  PVC Quilting Frame
Waterzooka   Trash bag holder - click here for more pics and info