How to build a hi-tunnel green house out of PVC and plastic. Free plans and projects out of PVC pipe. DIY season-extending greenhouse

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PVC High Tunnel Greenhouse



"The photos are of a quick high tunnel I setup (using ideas from your plans) to stretch the season on some slow-ripening tomatoes. It doesn't yet have the ballast boards in place in the photos; I had to take them while the light was still bright enough. There are two exterior photos, and one interior - note the hoop length which wasn't inserted fully into the cross fitting; I fixed it shortly after taking the photo. The barrel is a compost barrel to help make some heat - we'll see how it works out."

"I used 1" black PE irrigation tubing clips, cut about 3" long and slit open along the side, to attach the plastic sheeting to the PVC hoops. It came off a roll at the hardware store, so already had a bit of a bend, a little tighter a radius than the hoops. I think I will try to make some longer clips, and a tool to open the slit. Ones that would run the full length of the hoop, from ground level to the Tee fittings at the peak would be the strongest, and the most airtight when retaining doubled sheets for a double walled hoop house. I found it very difficult to hold two or three sheets of plastic over the frame while spreading the slit wide enough to slip it over the PVC hoop. I have an idea for a tool to assist when using a long piece of tubing - a sort of "zipper pull handle thing"; if I get it sorted out, I'll post a picture or drawing."


Built by Kevin Olson

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