Wholesale and retail suppliers of 3 way L, 4 way LT & 5 way furniture grade PVC pipe fittings, Snap Clamps & Greenhouse supplies. Free plans. Slip T, Three, Four & Five way corners, side outlet elbow, internal cap , stake fitting, PVC caster adapter fittings, cap with tabs, ell, tee, cross, 45 degree, 1/2" 3/4" 1" 1-1/4" 1-1/2" & 2" PVC fittings. PVC pipe fitting manufacturers Nibco , Lasco , Spears & Genova .
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Circo Innovations (CA): A wholesale supplier of special PVC fittings and Snap Clamps. They also offer free plans for a pitched-roof greenhouse on their site. A to Z Supply (CA): They offer a full line of PVC pipe fittings, including special angle fittings, Snap Clamps, and drip systems. Place orders online or call them at 530-273-6608.
BuilditPVC.com (CA): They offer a full line of PVC pipe fittings and Snap Clamps.  Place orders online or view their items on Ebay. Greenhouse Mega Store (IL): They offer the special PVC fittings, Snap Clamps and other greenhouse items. Orders can be placed online or you can call them at 1-888-281-9337.
Peaceful Valley Farm Supply (CA): They offer the special PVC fittings, Snap Clamps, and greenhouse-grade (UV) plastic along with a full line of gardening supplies. Orders can be placed online or you can call them at 1-888-784-1722. Hartnagel Building Supply (WA): Experienced PVC hobbyists who stock a full line of Snap Clamps and fittings as well as additional accessories. 833 East Front St. Port Angeles, WA 98363. Give them a call at 1-888-452-6252.
Creative Awnings & Shelters (OR): They offer a full line of special angle PVC fittings and Snap Clamps, all of which you can order online or by calling      1-877-435-8377 Alternative Garden Supplies (IL): They offer large special angle fittings and a full line of Hydroponic supplies. They are a leader in the Hydroponics industry. You can order online or call them at 1-800-444-2837.
Center Hardware (CA): A full service hardware store that carries special PVC clamps and fittings. 999 Mariposa St. San Francisco. Call them at 1-415-861-1800. Flexpvc.com (AZ): They offer Snap Clamps and flexible PVC pipe along with other plumbing items. You can order online or call them at 1-888-782-3539.
Simplified Building (NY): They offer a full line of special angle metal & PVC pipe fittings and Snap Clamps. See their Web site for many cool plans. Place orders online or give them a call at 888-527-2278. Charley's Greenhouse & Garden (WA): They offer 4" Snap Clamps, kit greenhouses, and a wide variety of other garden items. You can call them at          1-800-322-4707.
Park Seed Company (SC): They offer 4" Snap Clamps and other growing supplies in their wholesale catalog. They can be reached at 1-800-845-3369 IXI Devices (UK): They offer some Snap Clamps and special fittings in the UK. They can be reached at        +44 (0) 7981 492 468
Vashon True Value (WA): Snap Clamps and standard fittings. Visit their website or call (206) 463-2876. Jerry's Home Improvement (OR): They offer Snap Clamps and special fittings at two great locations in Oregon. Visit their website or call (541) 689-1911.
Lasco: Standard fittings manufacturer. Genova: Standard fittings manufacturer.
Spears: Standard fittings manufacturer. Nibco: Standard fittings manufacturer.

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