Free directions for making PVC pipe hinges. The hinge instructions work on Furniture, Greenhouses, pastured poultry pen (chicken coop) , cold frames, awnings, seed rack, bird/deer protection. These free plans are for the do it yourself (DIY) builder wants to make building stuctures out of PVC pipe for a discounted price.

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Hinge directions from:

 1. Select hinge material.


Structure pipe size Use hinge pipe size
* 1/2" * 3/4" Thin wall
* 3/4" * 1" Thin wall
* 1" * 1-1/4" Sch.40
* 1-1/4" * 1-1/2" Thin wall
* 1-1/2" * 2" Sch.40


2. Cut two 6" pieces of your hinge pipe (per hinge).

3.Glue with PVC cement.


4. Hold together.



5. Use screws to hold hinge to    frame (not door).


Now you have a working hinge made from PVC!



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