A very creative class room project that uses PVC pipe to build a play house bus and almost life size giraffe. The plans arn't available but you can get the idea from the pictures. Great for jungle or Africa studies. See also free snap clamp grants to schools. Free pictures & project plans.

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A School bus and Giraffe made out of PVC pipe and fittings


The giraffe was made from pvc pipe (the legs actually stood by themselves), foam, fiberfill, old t-shirt to hold the muscles of the chest in and twill fabric.  We built a frame, covered it, painted the spots and added fringe for the mane(?) and horns.  The 15 x 9 foot mural is wallpaper from the hospital (I am a Med Tech by day) which has a fire retardant.  The Masai are pictures from Africa which one of the pathologists took.  Sassy was 9 foot at the shoulder, probably 14 foot overall. 

The bus was four panels, double walled (1/2 inch putty colored pvc inside 3/4 inch).  It was covered with twill fabric, treated with a fire retardant and then pained inside and out.  The mural on the back was wallpaper (sort of the actual school in the background).  The bus driver was the 1st grade teacher (photo, tiled printed, painted with WalMart paint and then cut out).  The bus was held together with plastic ties (the kind you can't undo).  The dashboard had a time travel clock, and I can't actually remember what else (I think warp speed, miniturizing dial, direction).


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