Build a removable PVC ROW COVER frame that can be used to access your crops easily. Made of PVC pipe. Free pictures & PVC project plans.

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Removable pitched roof row cover


This is the first of three 10’x6’ row cover frames I been building to extend my tomato growing season. My raised tomato bed is 6’ x32’, and three of these units will sit end to end and operate independently. The 1” PVC pipe is under 4.00 per 10’ length and each unit requires nine full lengths, but it’s the 35 fittings that add considerable cost. I’m now looking for a ball of heavy twine to brace them laterally should we get hit with an early snow next fall.

There’s quite a lot of cutting and fitting involved. This is probably why you usually see row covers as bent hoops with the cover fastened with simple clips. I wanted to be able to lift each section as a unit to maintain the crop underneath, and also to be able to lift them completely clear during those times of the years when frost protection and mildew aren’t a problem. I wouldn’t recommend all the extra cost and work unless you have similar needs.

Ken Cloverdale

Abbotsford, BC

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