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Tomato shelter



The Snap Clamps worked great for our rain canopy over our tomatoes.  I ended up placing them on the bottom of the EMT (less likely  to pop) and then attaching with metal screws.  So far the canopy has survived wind gusts of 25 mph!   The overall dimension of the canopy is 30'x40' and is 9'-10' above grade.

  Here are a couple of pics of the rain canopy.  The film is attached to 1" EMT (thinwall electrical conduit) using Snap-Clamps and is limited in its excursion by the use of poly strapping (as used to secure items to pallets).  The sides of the structure are Bird-X plastic netting (keep the birds out!).  

Last season, we picked 3200 lbs of tomatoes from 30 plants before they succumbed to "late blight" (phytophthera, the fungus that caused the Irish potato famine in the late 1800's).  Our goal is to increase the yield to 4000 lbs (theoretical yield is about 4500 lbs or 150 lbs per plant!). 

By C. Chandler, Mala Li'i O Pulehuiki

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