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Bird Feeder Pole



"This is an idea I had to recycle an old outdoor umbrella stand and some pieces of extra pvc pipe lying around the house. It is critical to use an all metal umbrella stand, (the heavier the better). I tried using a plastic umbrella stand that you can fill with either sand or water, but found these to be unsatisfactory. The pictures clearly show just how simple this project is. I used a T fitting at the top so that I could hang two bird feeders, but different variations can be achieved to whatever you would like. This stand holds up very well. As winter approaches, I anchor it to the ground by placing a couple of tube sand bags on top of the umbrella stand for greater stability to prevent the wind from blowing it over. I have had few problems with squirrels trying to climb it. If squirrels in your area are more of a nuisance in this regard, simply spray the first 2 or 3 feet above the top of the umbrella base with a cooking spray. I hope this is a project that bird lovers will try and tell other bird lovers about. Have fun."

"It has been my experience that squirrels are seldom a problem. However, if there are many squirrels in your yard, an occasional coating of cooking spray to the bottom 3-4 feet of the pole will definitely discourage them. It can also be quite comical in watching a persistant squirrel try to climb it only to slide back down. One other note. During the winter months before snow flies, I place a bag of tube sand on either side of the stand to anchor it against strong NE winds."

Built by Ray Hamel

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