How to build a PVC Ham Radio Antenna for Amateur radio. Free plans and projects out of PVC pipe. DIY amature HAM radio antenna.

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PVC Ham Radio Antenna



"The picture is an Amateur (Ham) Radio antenna that is about 90 percent PVC pipe and fittings.  I started acquiring specialty PVC fittings and used them to build a Ham radio antenna called a Two Element Cubical Quad 10 or 11 meter beam.   The antenna needed to be light but strong.  The antenna works very well.  Here in Maine, we get our share of cold and wind during the winter months and so far the antenna has withstood it all. Today, I received a QSL Card from a gentleman that I talked to using my Quad antenna. He lives in Virginia Beach, VA. The card indicates how strong my signal level was at the time. The report was S9, very solid copy from about 800 miles. Please take a look. I enjoyed building the project with some help from my XYZ (Wife) and I use it every day. My call sign is N1UUE, Mexico, Maine 04257."

-Bob Eastman   

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Built by Bob Eastman from Mexico, Maine

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